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Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Procession - Sci Fi Reverb Pedal

Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Procession - Sci Fi Reverb Pedal

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The Procession is an atmospheric modulated reverb, blending otherworldly echoes with tremolo, flanger, and moving filter to create a unique texture underneath your playing. Trails can be held indefinitely while the pedal is on, making Procession ideal for creating pads.

Controls include:

  • Three way mode switch to select between Flange, Filter, and Tremolo

  • Speed and Depth to set the rate and intensity of modulation

  • Reverb to set trail length

  • Mix to set overall wet/dry mix

  • Expression jack for external control of the Speed or Reverb knob (selectable via internal switch)

  • Hold switch to momentarily max the Reverbknob

  • Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise


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