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Kali Audio IN-8 white (Par)

Kali Audio IN-8 white (Par)

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Mix in confidence with the Kali IN-8W. An innovative design combines advantages of three-way monitor design with superb stereo imaging. This is achieved with a co-axial mid-range and tweeter, where the mid-range surrounds the tweeter. The result is a superb monitor offering accurate stereo imaging that translates well onto other devices.

The three-way design provides low distortion and allows both the lower and higher frequency range to be heard powerfully and with clarity. Controls on the back of the IN-8 ensure that the monitor performs optimally regardless of the mixing environment. Balanced XLR and TRS inputs gives you a choice of inputs whilst the unbalanced RCA input can be set to -10 dBu for connection to smartphones and laptops.


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