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Hudson Bluebird Fuzz (Brukt)

Hudson Bluebird Fuzz (Brukt)

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The Bluebird is a hand-crafted recreation of the of the all-germanium Fuzzrite built by Mosrite in the mid sixties. Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide.

This machine is, in essence, two sounds out of phase with each other which you blend together using the ‘DEPTH’ control. The first is a darkish, cleanish boost; the second is super bright, buzzy full-on fuzz. You can get these tones in isolation at the extremes of the ‘DEPTH’ control – but the fun starts when you mix these two out-of-phase signals together! Three dimensional fuzz tones start leaping out, with pseudo octave effects rearing their buzzy heads. Perfect for 60s and 70s psych, garage, punk, surf.


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