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HOHNER Super Chromonica 270/48C DELUXE

HOHNER Super Chromonica 270/48C DELUXE

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It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you play, as long as it makes you feel good.
One thing that does feel good is playing your music on one of the best possible instruments.
This is certainly one reason for the popularity of our 270 Deluxe. Incorporating a number of 
state of the art improvements to the original, it combines tradition and modernity to give you
maximum freedom of expression in your music. For tunes ranging from light classical pieces
to jazz, pop, folk and blues, this harmonica offers all of the qualities which have made the 
Super Chromonica the most successful chromatic ever, plus greatly enhanced dynamics, ease
of maintenance and playing comfort. In fact, it’s so comfortable, it almost feels as if the 270 
Deluxe is playing you.

Assembled with screwd
Completely assembled with screws for ease of maintenance and easy conversion of slide 
for left hand use

Traditional cover plates
Tradition cover design and embossing

Wood comb
Double lacquered pearwood comb for rich sound and reduced swelling behavior

Comb design
The optimized comb design ensures superior response in the upper register

Mouthpiece design
Chrome plated mouthpiece with round holes

Reed plates (material, thickness)	brass, 1.2 mm
Reed plates (surface):			brass
Reeds (number, material):		48, brass
Comb (material, color):			pearwood, brown
Comb (finish):				double lacquered
Mouthpiece (surface):			brass, chrome-plated
Cover plates:				stainless steel
Slide construction:			straight
Keys:					C
Type:					chromatic
Tuning:					solo tuning
Number of holes:			12
Tonal range:				3 octaves, C4 – D7
Length:					15.5 cm / 6.1"


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