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Beetronics Whoctahell

Beetronics Whoctahell

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The Beetronics Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Pedal is handmade in California and delivers boutique-quality tones and aesthetics. The Whoctahell creates a wide range of fuzz tones with a fully independent 1 or 2-octave lower sound. The lower octave is produced with a clipped square-wave, resembling an 8-bit bass synthesizer and lets you produce some incredibly fat sounds. The Whoctahell creates a core fuzz sound and lets you blend in a 1-octave or 2-octave lower tone. The lower-octave can be used at 100 mix level for a completely 'wet' synth tone, while the side-mounted indicator light changes colour when the octave is engaged for a clear visual indication when performing. Whether you want the sound of an indie rock lead guitar, a bass synth, or a recreation of a video game tone, the Whoctahell has the capability to do it all and much more. Beetronics' attention to detail even extends to the looks of the internal electronics, so if you're seeking a radical-sounding fuzz pedal to fatten your tone with a boutique aesthetic, get the 'hellish' tones and great looks of the Beetronics Whoctahell to stand out from the crowd.


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