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Delay Control blends delayed signal with unaffected signal
Repeats controls the total number of repeats
Time sets the time between the original and repeated signal
Division sets delay to dotted eighth note of current tempo
Tap manually sets the delay tempo
Tap Tempo Input allows for the connection of an external tap tempo footswitch
Tone sweeps a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between
9V battery, or 9V DC powering options
Engage footswitch for affected signal or true bypass
¼" output

The Align Delay brings a classic effect to acoustic musicians by optimizing the signal for
high-fidelity instruments. By expanding the range of your sonic profile while underlining
your primary acoustic sound, the Delay augments both rhythm and melody for a larger
dimensional sound and feel. We’ve combined the most desirable qualities of both analog
and digital circuitry to create the best possible sound with the convenient features of
a modern platform. The Tap button sets your desired tempo or the Tap Tempo input
can be used with an external time control device. The Tone control only effects the r
epeats, ranging from warm and analog-like to clear, digital-like echo—for a versatile
effect that can be tailored to fit any musical context.

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